Working to Defeat Sudden Cardiac Death

The Gootter-Jensen Foundation is dedicated to saving lives by defeating sudden cardiac death (SCD) through increased awareness, education, scientific research, and the distribution of AEDs.

Spreading SCD Awareness & Education
Donating AEDs to Nonprofits & Tennis Facilities
Funding the Latest in SCD Research
Advocating for Lifesaving Knowledge of CPR

Our Story

The Gootter-Jensen Foundation was founded in honor of Steven M. Gootter, a beloved father, husband, and brother who lost his life to sudden cardiac arrest in 2005.

Now, the Foundation has joined forces with Murphy Jensen, world-renowned tennis champion and sudden cardiac arrest survivor.

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In Memory of Steven M. Gootter

SCD Education, Risks & Prevention

Every 90 seconds, sudden cardiac death (SCD) claims another victim. SCD is the leading cause of natural deaths in the United States, taking more than 335,000 lives each year. Discover risk factors, prevention tips, and treatments for sudden cardiac arrest survivors to stay alive and spread the word.

AEDs + CPR = Saving Lives

With your help we can ensure that all places where people work, worship, and play have an AED. By learning the 3 C’s of chest-compression-only CPR combined with the power of AEDs, we can double the chances of survival from an SCA attack.

The Latest SCD Research

From studying arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy to engineering human heart cells, The Gootter-Jensen Foundation has partnered with the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center and the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute in the fight against sudden cardiac death.

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CPR Education & AED Donations

Each day in the United States, nearly 1,000 lives are lost to sudden cardiac death (SCD). Double a person’s chance of survival from a sudden cardiac attack by learning the 3 C’s of chest-compression-only CPR.

Through the AED Donation Program, the Gootter-Jensen Foundation provides lifesaving AEDs throughout Southern Arizona since 2009.

Join Us for the Gootter-Jensen Grand Slam

Our fundraising event features a world-class lineup of tennis superstars, special guests, and a gala with an alfresco dinner.

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